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Our vision

Society that ensures healthy, safe, long-lasting and full life of the human.

Our mission

General improvement of society health and life quality; development of competencies and abilities, refreshing courses for personnel working in health care, treatment, public health fields on republican and international levels; improvement and development of health care institutions.



Team work.

Each our specialist while working own work makes every effort to help colleague in need. Saying “it isn’t my work” doesn’t apply for us. Our team work ensures faster and more efficient process.


Members of our team and other specialists that help us, join the implementation and creation of the performed projects in a fast and fluent way.


We induce new ideas and initiativity in their establishment and implementation.

Learning all life

Human is changing all life long, duration of human life is changing, dividing of his/her age into the stages is changing, surrounding environment is changing, therefore learning all life becomes inseparable part of our life. For our team it is a necessity. Constant assimilation of the new information – it is our daily round.
We believe in things we do, we believe in the meaning of our vision, in success of our projects, our work provides to society maximal results.

Mutual respect

Our relations with colleagues, partners, and specialists are based on mutual respect to each individual and his/her own world view.


We make all efforts to be the best in our field when ensuring for the society best possible results.


We induce education of creativeness of our team and partners.   


Each individual of the society matters to our organization. We make every effort to take care of him/her.